The company recycler of waste plastics constantly buys

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The company recycler of waste plastics constantly buying polymers from landfills and polygons (bulk):

- Crushed PS black, white, color;

Waste polypropylene (furniture, pallets, plugs, buckets, pots, shaped from under the paving, etc.);

Treatment of scrap plastics (buckets, basins, tanks, covers, toilets, pipes, etc.);

- Baled bottle and canister (bottle from under the detergent jar, Gala, Fairy, dairy);

- Crushed HDPE - injection molding, color white, blue, mix, black. The volume is not limited;

- Crushed HDPE bottle, canister;

Waste stretch film (not a dump), from 500 kg to 50 tons per month;

- THAT waste of film (light, colored). Shelestun not taken.

Waste polystyrene (UPM), the inside of the refrigerator, top of the TV, reels, trays;

- Carry out the purchase of warehouse and industrial waste stretch film, pallet film. Capacity from 500 kg/month. up to 50 tons/month.

- Crushed HDPE, injection molding. Can domestic fee (mix). Colors don't matter. Volume 40 tons/month.

Waste polystyrene UPM (top of the TV, the inside of the refrigerator, reels, wastebasket, trays, tubes, trays, etc.). The volume from 1 to 40 tons/month.

- Crushed canister (oil) and a bottle of HDPE (landfill fee). Color is not important

The volume from 3 to 40 tons/month.

- Crushed polystyrene (PS-UPM), color white, gray, black, colored. Washed and not washed.

Volumes from 1 to 50 tons/month.

- Grinding of polypropylene. Pallets are polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP). The volume from 3 to 40 tons/month.

- Crushed tube from PET bottles. Color is not important. In crushed form, and in the source.

Volumes from 0.5 kg to 10 tons/month.

- Crushed box HDPE and household collection. Color any. Volume 40 tons/month.

- Newsprint HDPE (bottles of detergents, shampoos etc). Volume 40 tons/month.

Waste polypropylene (PP). Furniture, pots, buckets, buckets of mayonnaise, pipes, etc. Volume up to 40 tons /month.

- Buy agglomerate of a stretch. Washed and not washed. The area has to offer.

Perhaps the acquisition of waste stretch film mixed with polyethylene LDPE.

Buy crushed cans, box HDPE LDPE HDPE LDPE polyethylene granules, crushed all the flowers.

Constantly buy waste HDPE (bottle from under the detergents and cleaning products, cans of oil). Baled and pressed. Cork waste from PET bottles, pallets PP/PE, polietilena containers, canisters, bottles, flasks, watering cans, etc. the Volume is not limited. From 1 ton.

We buy scrap plastics from landfills (plastics landfill): PP pallets, buckets from under Pisces PP, furniture, buckets, pots, bottles and Jerry cans, polyethylene waste, waste flask. waste canister, waste stretch film. pallet waste film, waste plastic, stretch film, battle box HDPE, barrels of household chemicals, scrap plastic containers, plastic crate scrap, HDPE bottle, HDPE liquid, low pressure polyethylene, we buy scrap, scrap box plastic polyethylene waste, plastic scrap drawer, industrial, waste, scrap plastic containers, polyethylene waste, plastic scrap containers, scrap box, scrap plastic containers, etc

Material must be free of moisture, dirt, sand, metal and other organic and non-organic inclusions.

The material can be just bulk. Transport paid by the buyer.

We invite to cooperation of waste sorting station, company, waste removal, landfills (garbage dumps), producers of plastic waste (both legal entities and individuals).

High prices, stable schedule of material sampling, timely payment.

Pick up your transport from 1 ton. Working across Ter-RII Ukraine.

Buy volume from 0.500 kg to 50 tons/month., on each position.

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